• Are you making the best use of your hard-earned income?
  • Have you established your long-term goals and needs?
  • Are your savings growing quickly enough to meet your long-term goals?
  • Does the month-to-month variation of your investments’ value bother you?
  • Would you be able to continue on course if your income stops, even for a few months?

Each of these basic questions focuses on a different aspect of a financial plan. Determining your current financial position and your goals is the first step toward navigating your way to your safe harbor. Next you must determine the course and speed needed to reach your harbor on time.

Your plan should also includes preparation for storms and other adversity along the way. A long-term plan helps you make sense of the choices you make along the way.

  • Should you refinance?
  • Is your insurance coverage still appropriate?
  • What should you do with some extra money?
    • Invest?
    • Pay debt?
    • Hold as a reserve?

A plan helps you deal with changes in your life—starting or exiting a business, changing jobs, adding new family members, or receiving an inheritance. A plan helps you make sense of the complex, shifting economic and legal waters that surround you and remain calm—you know you are headed in the right direction. Baycraft Asset Management works with you to create your personal financial plan, to carry out your plan, and to monitor and adjust your course toward your goals. You will know your alternative courses of action and the advantages and disadvantages of those alternatives. On-going financial education will be an integral part of your plan. Set course toward your goals, contact Baycraft Asset Management today. Planning pays off!


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